The Real Estate Purchase Score and Report — The Right Deal For You at the Right Time

The new market reality has made the old way of determining the nature of the risk you are taking to buy a house obsolete. You have a 40% chance of getting stuck with either a foreclosure and/or negative equity in the future. The banks manage their risk by using a credit score. The real estate purchase score helps you objectively determine your real estate purchase risk. A better timed purchase with improved terms based on an objective analysis is in your best interest.

The Real Estate Purchase Score Advantage

The scoring system evaluates 17 different categories with separate weightings, based on your inputs, along with external real time market data. Conceptually, the scoring system utilizes analysis principles that are similar to Fannie Mae Direct Underwriter and Freddie Mac Loan Prospector, while applying scoring calculus in a similar fashion to how credit scoring functions. The primary and critical difference is the real estate purchase scoring system is specifically designed to measure the risk you are taking, and objectively quantifying it to help you make a better decision that is right for you. The system issues a score from 0% to 100%. Overall economic market context by default has the heaviest weighting, a factor statistically shown as being the most significant and yet most overlooked. However, you will be able to adjust the weightings to more accurately reflect your outlook. The higher the score, the less likely a future foreclosure scenario or similar negative future contingency, and a better deal for you today!

The Real Estate Purchase Score Report

The system will generate a score for you for free on one property. However, to fully appreciate the strength of the analysis behind the score, and to gain a comprehensive insight into how your personal data intersects with broader contextual market data, the scoring system also generates a report. The report is approximately 30-35 pages of in-depth analysis that is specifically related to you and your proposed transaction.

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